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Mitre Mate

Mitre Mate is the original, and in our humble opinion, the best mitre kit on the market.

Originally aimed at kitchen fitters, the product is now a must have in the construction and furniture industry with many applications.

Cyanotec has a long standing relationship with the product and we are proud to have it in our range of adhesives and sealants.

Mitre Mate consists of a shrink-wrapped 50g adhesive with a 200ml activator.
Packed in boxes of 12 (please note it is no longer a display box)

Mitre Mate was created when the kitchen/shop fitting markets needed a quick, tough and reliable offset to traditional fixing methods, such as  nails and screws.  Also, the industry needed faster adhesives than PVA/PU type products that need to be clamped.

As a result of extensive research and putting the correct products together, Mitre Mate was created and was an instant success, but it spawned a lot of imitators.  We look at these products but still feel that we are providing a kit that offers our customers the best solution.

Please contact sales for further details


Product SDS
Mitre mate adhesive Download
Mitre mate activator Download


The original and still the best mitre mate kit using the 3 step process.

Step one:

Spray one surface to be bonded with the activator and allow to dry.


Step two:

Apply the adhesive to the opposite surface.


Step three:

Push both parts together using only light pressure, wait for 10 seconds for a permanent strong bond.